Low quality service experiences could make you lose your customers

Proactive customer service

Customer Service and Support organizations are shifting from a reactive strategy to a more proactive strategy that delivers more value to customers. That requires changes to the communication platform; to be able to personalize the customer experience without compromising the privacy of your customer. 

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Customer Service from cost center to value added service

Organization usually try to limit costs of their customer service and support department. However; forward looking customer support and service organizations understand that this customer service can drive their business. Because they can proactively detect potential issues, gather information to improve service levels or optimize efficiency and improve turnover.

Integrate, but protect customer data

To achieve a personalized, efficient customer experience,  communications and channels should be integrated to be able to have this 360 degree view on your customer. Therefore your communication system should be perfectly aligned with your customer service application. Without compromising security. uCallManager does not sync your data to any other 3rd party database but will use Power Automation to display the relevant information to your agents, directly in Teams. All information stays in your Microsoft 365 tenant and your business policies apply. 

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