Integrated communications

Effective communication

The most effective communication system is the one that is integrated in your business applications. You do not want your team to use multiple applications to be able to call, chat, share and retrieve the information your team needs to communicate with your customers. 

uCallManager Business hour
uCallManager on Microsoft Surface Pro

Make it happen

Image you can do all this in just 1 single application, wouldn’t that be great? uCallManager for Teams can make this happen. Teams as your single unified client. uCallManager adding the necessary features to optimize your communications with all the extensive call flow features, wallboard, dashboard en call recording. Automatically integrated with your Office applications for you to click and dial directly from your Office applications, access your contacts and view their presence status. This makes uCallManager even more powerful, integrating with your business applications. When integrating with your customer service apps like Dynamics, Salesforce and other CRM applications a rich card will pop up in Teams displaying all the relevant customer information directly from your systems.

Save time and money

Do you always want to be reachable for customers and colleagues, regardless of the location where you are or the device you use? Then choose Microsoft Teams as your new telephony environment! Integrated communications save time and money, makes life easier for your team (thus happier) and improves customer satisfaction.

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