Bring your own trunk

What is BYOT

Bring Your Own Trunk (BYOT) is the latest trend in telecom. It makes it easier for companies to reduce calling costs, gain more control over your call traffic (inbound and outbound), increase worldwide coverage and be assured of uninterrupted VoIP quality. BYOT is becoming increasingly popular for both small and large companies. With BYOT you can reduce costs, gain more control over your incoming and outgoing calls and manage numbers better.

Bring your own Trunck
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Multiple suppliers and routing routes

No need to port your phone numbers, just bring your own trunk! We will add this trunk to the uCallManager platform. Ideal for organizations with volume contracts. Don’t want to bring your own trunk? Then you can port your numbers to the Universal network, with multiple suppliers and routing routes to guarantee availability and competitive call rates.

BYOT optional

Bring your own trunk is optional, uCallManager provides a robust international network for inbound and outbound traffic where you can port your numbers to. uCallManager provides new geographical numbers, international numbers and service numbers instantly. Also you can port your current phone numbers to uCallManager. Lead time differs per geolocation so contact our sales team for additional information. 

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