Service level to a higher level

An agile business

Business is fast, if you don’t respond immediately you might miss the deal or even worse; lose your customer. Businesses gain from high service levels; short delivery times, high production and also a high service level on customer contact.
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Business insights

Every business needs a high service level, but not at any price. Also, integrated insights are hard to get, since integrated reporting on all communications is usually not available and implementing the required applications to manage and monitor requires investments. This might sound like something for large enterprises only, but that is certainly not the case. Business communications insights are accessible for any organization, small or large.

Do you love data?

Meet the powerful options that uCallManager offers with smart routing options and the best insights to measure your service levels. PowerBI dashboards display service levels, queue times, handling rates, agent performance and much more…. . And the live wallboard helps your supervisors and managers to react based on real-time queue information. Finally, extensive logging of your call details enables you to track & trace every single call. Everything is here for you to finetune, measure and monitor you communications, to optimize your service levels – and thus create more sales opportunities. We love data – and we know you do to, that’s why uCallManager can sync all data to your own Azure subscription.
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