PBX doesn’t integrate with my systems

Happy customers and agents

Without an integrated communications system your agents will end up taking calls in one system, searching for customer data in the other and probably even accessing service level reports in yet another system. Not to mention the waiting time for the customer. Don’t make life hard, integrate! You need to have customer details immediately displayed to your agents on an incoming call, why ask who’s calling, the information is already there! 

uCallManager Dashboard
uCallManager Reporting

Save time, thus money

Of course, your main goal is to serve your customers and to provide the accurate information. A high service level can be  costly, but not with the right tools. With advanced routing bases on agent presence in uCallManager you can reduce the waiting time and improve service level. And by integrating with your company applications you can reduce call duration, enabling your agents to help more customers. And more customer interaction might lead to more revenue. 

Integrated insights on Customer Service and support

In multichannel service desk organizations, gaining insights in all communications can be hard. Especially when there are multiple media channels in place such as chat, phone, e-mail and more. How do you get the complete picture? uCallManager, as a Teams based contactcenter, combines it all. For you to have the insights you need to improve your customer service and support strategy. 

uCallManager Agent presence