Increase productivity

Business communications

Business communications is playing an important role in many organizations. Both externally; to be able to respond in time to questions from customers, and internally; to keep your team in the loop. Optimizing your communications can boost productivity and safe costs at the same time.

Universal Office and Team
Universal Office and Team

Successful business

This is crucial for running a successful business but it can be challenging to organize business communications in a productive way. But how? Without having to buy yet another new tooling, to risk interruptions or to spend hours on training your team.

User-friendly Solutions

The optimal solution is a solution that is user-friendly, easy to implement en integrates with your current systems. And more importantly; requires just 1 client for all communications that can be used in any location; your office, home office and on the go.

Universal Office and Team
uCallManager Office and Team

Optimized communications

Microsoft Teams is a unified application for integrated optimized communications. uCallManager for Teams adds intelligent features for you to optimize your communications. The result; 1 single app for all communications.