Omni Channel Communication

Help! I use to many channels

The time where communicating was mainly done by phone and e-mail has long gone. In some organizations communication is pushed by Teams, Slack, WhatsApp, business applications, mail, phone, Messager, chat, webchat, e-mail and phone. Imagine; more than 10 channels to manage! How do you keep track on the status when people communicate through so many channels and also from multiple devices and locations.
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Keep track of all communications

Business go with this flow, that is understandable, you want to provide your customers the opportunity to communicate with your team in the way that suits them best. You don’t want to take every opportunity to engage with your customer and team. However the scenario where your team needs multiple applications to communicate with team members and customers could cause business managers headaches. How do you keep track of all this communications and create centralized insights?

The answer to your question

The answer to that question is in Microsoft Teams. Where all these communication flows come together. Teams, as part of the Microsoft Power Platform, brings you one single multichannel application to communicate both internally and externally.
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