Accessible anywhere and from any device

Your contact center client available on any PC/MAC or smartphone

A no brainer, but uCallManager works on any Teams device. You can place and receive calls using your mobile device, PC or MAC. Teams is all you need. The intelligent routing rules, the rich card for integrating your business applications, the dashboard en reporting, it is all there in your Teams client. 

uCallManager Dashboard mobile
uCallManager on Microsoft Surface Pro

Web based management portal

And the extensive web based management portal is 24/7 available in your web browser on your smartphone, PC or MAC. For you to make instant changes to call flow settings. uCallManager portal is user-friendly and intuitive; anyone can manage as long as they are authorized by your organization to manage queues, agents, service times and other aspects.

Activate new users in just 3 simple steps

Need to add an additional (temporary) agent? That can be easily done – again from any location –  in just 3 simple steps:

1.  Create a Microsoft Teams user in your Microsoft 365 tenant
2.  Enable this user for Teams Direct Routing
3.  Add the agent to a uCallManager queue 

That’s all. Easy does it. 

uCallManager Update agent