Different apps for communication

1 app fits all

Recognize a situation where you communicate with your customers and suppliers by using your phone, mobile, chat, WhatsApp, Teams Channel, e-mail or notifications from your ordersystem or webshop. With so many channels in place, how do you even manage? Or, maybe more important; how do you safeguard your customer data en make sure that business continuity is guaranteed? How perfect would it be if you could  streamline and be in control? 

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Microsoft Teams unified communications

Microsoft Teams is your single client for all communications and uCallManager brings the enrichments needed to adapt channels and to integrate with your business apps. 

Chat, call, webchat, chat bot, e-mail

Chat and webchat are taking the lead in Customer service desk. E-mail is rapidly losing ground, also in customer service. Communications are more instant than ever. Customers want immediate response and don’t accept to wait for an e-mail reply for days. Therefore customer service agents need to respond quickly and customers choose chat above phone to communicate with your company. Sometimes however, the chat bot does not bring the immediate answer and the live chat with an agent does not solve the issue or answers the question. At uCallManager we strongly believe that customers should be able to choose their preferred channel but you should be able to convert to another one. In this situation; from a chat bot to a live agent to a phone call without losing the contextual information that the customer had already shared. 

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