Smart portal for controls & insights

Take control

We strongly believe that customers need to control their data and have complete insights. uCallManager is a data driven communication system, and we love to share the power of data with our customers. Therefore; uCallManager brings a powerful reporting dashboard where you can access all the information you need to manage, control and adjust. From any device since the dashboard is available in your web browser. And secure; since you need to be authorized to view the information.
uCallManager Reporting
uCallManager Dashboard mobile

Ultimate flexibility and power

The dashboard displays service levels, agent presence, wait time, abandoned calls, call detail records, call duration and queue logs. You can even download your data to create your own custom report. And it is also possible to have your own dataset in Azure, for you to attach your BI tooling. Ultimate flexibility and power to you.

Contactcenter wallboard & dashboard

Live queue viewing and reporting are crucial in service oriented organizations. You don’t want to keep your customer waiting and want to intervene when risking longer lines than acceptable. Regardless your location you can view, manage and adjust your company service settings at any time from any web browser. As long as you are authorized to access this information because security is key at uCallManager.

uCallManager Reporting