Intelligent communication

intelligent communications

About intelligent, smart communications

Smart communications means presence based hunting

Smart = Presence based hunting means that only available agents will receive calls, uCallManager uses the Teams agent presence status to route calls to available users only. Presence based hunting means no distraction because of desk phones constantly ringing while there is no-one at the desk.

Smart communications means integration with your business applications

Intelligent systems are based on your centralized company data or at least retrieve contact and other related data from your business applications. This enables you to  identify the caller and instantly retrieve the information needed to handle this call efficiently. This is crucial from a customer experience perspective. How frustrating if your loyal customers constantly need to identify themselves when contacting your organization and also explain why they are contacting you. This information can all be displayed on an incoming call. ” Hello, who is this and how can I help you?”  versus “Hello  Miss Johnson, I can see your order is delayed, let me check what I can do for you”.

Smart communications means multi-channel communications: phone, chat, e-mail, webchat, video

A contact center is no longer a call center but a multi channel communication center where customers can choose their preferred way of communicating with your team.  A modern contact center offers options for phone, chat, e-mail and video calls. And more so; a modern contact center offers the option to switch from a chat to a call or a video call, directly from the conversation and to store all the relevant call details in your centralized system. 

uCallManager brings all this from 1 single client: Microsoft Teams. 

Smart communications means routing based on intelligent (AI) roules instead of manual agent input

An intelligent solution does not require agents to constantly adjust their personal settings but is based on intelligent and automatic rules for call routing and call forwarding to guarantee high service levels. Smart solutions also use artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize services and uses skill based routing to have the best suitable agent to handle the conversation. No manual efforts, the system is programmed to follow your agents – no matter their location or device in use. Especially important when your people work in shifts. uCallManager uses Microsoft Shifts to route the calls to the people “on shift”. That is intelligent routing without manual intervention. 

Smart communications are independent of the agent location or device

This should be a no-brainer but there are still organizations that can only communicate with customers when employees are at the office. Or even worse – by transferring calls to the cellphones of their team member – risking that personal phone numbers of your team are out in the open and the context of the call (customer details) get lost in this transferred call.

A smart solutions brings all the smart routing and intelligent integration options to the agent, no matter device or location and without compromising security.

Smart communication solutions offer advanced real time reporting and wallboard

To achieve service levels it is important to have insights. A data driven solution makes it easy to report, display and monitor. To be compliant to your quality standards and to store your reports for proof of compliancy. 

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